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Project Tango – Curtain Raiser

The future is really awesome as Google announces Project Tango. Wondering what it is about? Let me tell you. Project Tango is about launching an Android-supported Smartphone with powerful motion detectors and extraordinary 3D sensors. Yes! You read it correct, it is 3D sensors.

Smartphone with 3D Sensor

Team Google has been working with tech-experts, research labs, universities and industrial partners to make this dream come true. Through Project Tango, Google is trying to harvest approximately 10 years of research in Robotics and computer vision. ATAP – Advanced Technology and Projects group at Google is using all this research to silhouette a unique Smartphone – to be witnessed in near future.

Google Prototype SpecsJohnny Chung Lee, Project Lead at ATAP says: “We are physical being that live in a 3D world; yet, mobile devices today assume that the physical world end at the boundaries of the screen”. Thus, the goal of Project Tango is twofold: develop a Smartphone with human-scale understanding of space along with motion. Hence, in near future, we might be able to use a Smartphone that is Smart indeed.

This technology – this device will easily outrun any of the leading Smartphone products trading in the market today. A Smartphone with 3D sensors so powerful that takes ¼ of a million measurements per second updating the position and rotation of the phone – sounds too good to be true; but, for Google, impossible is the word that doesn’t exist.

Google Tango2

A Device with Endless Possibilities

Google is assessing the possibilities of applications that can comply to the standard of the Smartphone. A revolutionary device like this sure needs innovative applications. Currently, Google envisages indoor navigation and gaming applications for the sensors; but, we can’t imagine the possibilities associated with such innovative device.

With this device, the world will become your playground. You can generate a map – or a game-world of your own by simply scanning the fraction of your physical environment such as your living room. It won’t be just a device – it will allow you to interact with your environment in a radical style.

Google Tango33Project Tango is still in developmental phase. Nevertheless, Google aims to ship 200 prototypes by March, 2014 to authorized developers. Yes! The prototypes are ready. However, it may take Google months or even years to distribute the product to the end-users; because, we haven’t embraced such technology – and pioneering something is a hell of a job.

Google Tango1

Conclusion – More Like a New Beginning

After developers’ job is done, Google will dispatch the furnished prototypes to affiliate companies for navigation, data processing, mapping and gaming applications as well. I can’t wait for this dream to come true; because, with this device, the possibilities are endless. I totally agree with Johnny Lee on this one: “The future is AWESOME”.


Diabetes is a severe disease that has victimized countless poor souls in this world. Diabetes accompanies several dreadful outcomes – strict diet control is one of them. That’s right – say goodbye to all the junk food, drinks and chocolates. Diabetics are often reluctant to adopt stern diet plans prescribed by doctors and nutritionists. I don’t blame them. If I don’t get to eat junk food at least twice a week – I will riot.

Where the world’s sophisticated healthcare systems and leading pharmaceuticals were confined by the orthodox methods, Google arrived in style. Yes! Google strikes again with a Smart Contact Lens that can help you fight persistent concerns associated with diabetes. Google announced the news via its official blog along with the picture of the prototype device.


Designed to measure glucose level in tears via its minute glucose sensor and a wireless chip in two layers of soft contact lens, Google’s Smart Contact Lens is currently under the testing phase. The prototype is tested to record glucose level analysis per second. As per Google officials, the LED light embedded in the lens will activate when glucose level rise or drop the predetermined level or threshold set.


Multiple researches and experiments have been conducted on the device to offer a refined prototype that facilitates a smart way to fight diabetes. Google is currently in discussion with the FDA along with other experts to launch this technology as a product that can be used by people. So, I guess when International Diabetes Federation declared that the world is losing the battle against diabetes – Google said the fight isn’t over yet.