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Tip # 5 – You Can Avoid Drilling Mess by Using a “Post-It”

Remember the time when you made the mess of your room just because you needed a tiny hole on the wall. No matter how much perfect we renovate or rooms; but, there’s always a need for a few holes. We may use them to hang paintings, photo frames, wall clocks and what not. Anyways, this isn’t an issue here – the issue is that we often make a mess of all the cleanliness. You can save yourself from this mess by simply using a Post-It.


Tip # 4 – Transform your Snack Pack in your Snack Bowl

Snack packs have an amazing art of trolling. When you drool for them the most, they play hard-to-get. While watching the most interesting scene of the movie, snack packs divert your attention slide here and there unless you grab them in your. Sneaky little busters are quite attention seekers. Well you can transform your snack pack in a disposable snack bowl via open and roll trick.


Tip # 3 Toilet Paper Tubes Can be Best Cable Organizers

Hmmmm 10, 20, 30…………….forget it. I have tripped and fell due to unorganized cables scattered around my room for like countless times. I know you know the feels. Who says toilet papers can be used only to wipe that arse of yours. A toilet paper tube serves as best cable organizer. And the best part is – it doesn’t cost you a thing; because, you all have one – don’t you?


Tip # 2 – Save Closet Space with Soda Can Tabs

It is quite a simple trick – just detach tabs from soda cans and use one gap to attach them with hook of a hanger. Second end serves as an add-on to each hanger you have in your closet.

Can cap

Tip # 1 – You Can Use Binding Clips to Hold Cable Nodes

And the winner is – a binding clip. There are many things you can do with this priceless thingy. You can use binding clips to hold your cables (any sort of them).

Binder clip


The most irritating thing I used to acknowledge was whenever I detached my iPhone from its charger, the cable would fall down and I am like:


The cable will soon wear-out if you leave it there – at mercy of many ruthless feet that won’t hesitate to step on the poor thing. Well not anymore. I have a remedy for it and now all of you know about it too. ENJOY.