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Introducing the Idjit

Snapchat, one of the most frequently preferred yet controversial interaction and socialization platform these days encounters yet another security threat. Snapchat’s signups acknowledged a boost lately as many teenagers especially from the US started to switch from social networks such as Facebook to Snapchat. Click Here for more details about this trend.

Snapchat Security Alert


This was a considerable milestone – a great achievement for Snapchat. However, the glee of this accomplishment diminished as Snapchat was notified about a new security exploit that could be manipulated by the hackers like the preceding incident.


Blast from the Past

For those of you who don’t know; Snapchat was hacked in the month of January 2014. The hackers stole username details along with numbers of around 4.6 million users and leaked the data publically over the Internet. The details were downloadable via “” which no longer exists by the way.


It was reported that Gibson Security researchers had already informed Snapchat about their “Find Friend” exploit and how it could be manipulated by hackers. Snapchat’s ignorance led the leading social platform to concede a massive data leak where privacy of 4.6 million users was compromised.

Snapchat Vulnerable

New Exploit Discovered

This time, it is much more complicated and crucial than the previous exploit. This time, Snapchat might have to face catastrophic outcomes if their evasion continues to last. Jamie Sanchez, a Security Researcher has found that Snapchat encompasses a security loophole – a weakness that greets DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack. If occurred, it would be an attack executed through an intermediary which will be Snapchat.


The Damage It Can Cause

Through this security exploit, a hacker can flood user’s inbox with repetitive messages causing the device to overload. As a result, the device (especially iPhone) will crash and may require user to hit the reset button. The attack will have considerable impact over Android devices as well. The attack may not require you to reset the device; but, it will slow down its performance to a considerable extent.



Snapchat unlike the previous approach adopted has reacted promptly to this threat. As per the Snapchat’s official statement, the security researchers are examining the exploit and the concern will soon be resolved. The damage caused by this exploit over Snapchat’s brand reputation is still a quesiton.


Users who are concerned about their privacy might not prefer Snapchat over other social platforms anymore. Nevertheless, the world is filled with naïve Netizens who might prefer the earlier approach adopted by Snapchat itself – ignorance.


It all started on Facebook’s 10th anniversary. Millions of users went insane after seeing Facebook movie of Netizens added in their social circle. Each Facebook movie prescribed a link – instructing users to access the link if they want to see their Facebook movie. And millions of naïve users eventually clicked on the link in order to get their hands on their very own Facebook movie.


The movie initiated from the second they joined Facebook and embraced every moment till that very moment the link was clicked. This is not all. After seeing their ridiculous Facebook movie, millions shared their private moments online.


People falling in the same genre (Stupid) watched, liked and even shared movies of people in their social circle. Hence, your private moments were shared with not only your friends; but their friends; and their friends; and their friends or may be shared publically by some idiots who don’t know how to access/change their Facebook privacy settings.

That’s not all. Millions of people even Tweeted their Facebook movies and uploaded them on YouTube. Like flooding Facebook’s timeline wasn’t enough for them. Some of them even promoted their private moments via #hashtags.


Soon, Facebook’s timeline flooded with movies shared by almost everyone in everyone’s social circle – it was like a plague that spread faster than any Virus followed by Zombie apocalypse.


Where many enjoyed this ludicrous act, some intellectuals condemned it. These were the people that use Facebook the way it should be used – to interact and socialize not to flood others’ wall with silly Facebook movies.


It was an activity when millions shared a movie showing that 107 people (who probably added you because you wear revealing outfits or you’re just cute) liked your status when you put this on your wall “At3 Ic3 Cr3aM T0dAy”. Furthermore, no one gives a damn to your stupid “Duck Face Selfie” liked by your idiotic friends – who probably are more stupid than you are.


I have one question to ask you now. Did you even bother to think for a single minute about your privacy? Are you even familiar with this term? P R I V A C Y (spelled as prescribed) as per Snowden’s revelation is victimized repeatedly by the vigilant agencies along with their alleged allies (multinational, telecom and tech giants); privacy that our generations probably won’t be acquainted with; privacy that will soon be eradicated from the face of digital universe and will be remembered as nothing but a myth.

Who am I kidding? You probably don’t even know who Snowden is? Go back to your restroom selfie photo session. A little heads-up here – people take a leak or shit in restroom – this is the sole reason for which they were made.

I would like to appreciate Facebook though for this phenomenal promotional strategy. I mean the moment they realized that they are being dumped by teenagers. The moment they found that teens have started to switch from Facebook to Snapchat and other alternates (Click here to know more); because, for them Facebook isn’t cool anymore – BANG! They came from nowhere with this campaign which created an effective brand recall. It was like:

Facebook Movie Everywhere

The purpose of this post was to give you a wakeup call or perhaps to poke you and say: be cautious of what you do online. Protect yourself and your activities. Your privacy is already vulnerable to divergent threats; there are many trying to sneak into it – don’t make it too easy for them. I will be glad if this post brought some sense to you. If not then you probably don’t give a damn to your privacy so stop flooding other people’s walls with your silly Facebook movies – that’s the least you can do.

Teens around the globe currently seek replacement as Facebook is simply not cool for them anymore. The word has started to spread that millions of teens are losing interest in Facebook and rapidly switching to alternate social networks. With the rise of Smart technology, teens perhaps are looking for more convenient options or simply the cooler ones such as Snapchat and Instagram.

fb stats

As per the report of iStrategyLabs, teens around the globe started dumping Facebook since 2011. Furthermore, the trend seems to thrive with time. Since 2011, approximately 3 million teens (in the United States only) have deactivated their accounts leaving Facebook with 25% fewer users. Facebook hasn’t officially affirmed the statistics though.

Teen facebook stats

There may be diverse reasons supporting the rationale for these awful statistics. Some say that teens today are fascinated by the ease of use – others articulate that teens engage in this toggle-run because Facebook have become old school. On the contrary, I believe that there’s more to it than it meets the eye. There’s a reason that nobody bothers to highlight – annoying parents and relatives.

One of the significant reasons for teenagers to quit Facebook is enhanced popularity of the social network among elders. Parents add their children on Facebook (As Friends) and then tag them in annoying pictures (publically shared off course). However, this does not end here as parents’ ridiculous comments on status updates, pictures and shared memes often infuriate the teens.

Anyways, teens are hastily switching from Facebook to other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr etc; furthermore, its reputation has become shallow among youngsters as well. In time, more users are expected to switch from Facebook to other social networks. Despite of implausible fame acknowledged once, Facebook seems to have nothing in its pocket to cope with this mayhem.