Gay and Proud in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Social Issues
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Homosexuality, a sin for the masses have become lifestyle for a few in our society. Despite of the legalization and acceptance of homosexuality by different countries around the globe, it is still bizarre and intolerable by many states. Hence, an embargo acknowledged by the gay community cannot be confined to a particular belief or set of values followed by the natives of a specific locality.

Nonetheless, Pakistan is one of the countries where homosexuality is one of the highly rated taboos. Despite of all the restrictions imposed and the fear of defamation, acceptance of homosexuality in Pakistan is increasing drastically. The trend has not only engulfed metro cities but also the rural community and townships since decades. This story doesn’t embrace a male-male encounter only; it has a female-female version too.


Before proceeding any further, I would first like to clarify something – I neither favor nor condemn homosexuality. However, homosexuality, as per the values we ought to follow is like an affliction that weakens our societal grounds or is it our shallow and so-called modern societal values that somehow let this all happen. This mystery is still unresolved.

Offended by the rejection and prohibition of homosexuals in Pakistan, a few so-called activists launched Pakistan’s first website for homosexual community. The website was later banned by PTA. But, I salute the audacity of website’s admin with my middle finger.

We can sue PTA but the trial would be too public, said Queer Pakistan’s admin. We didn’t receive any notice that our website contains sexually explicit or offensive content, he continued. You won’t find any name here because he didn’t disclose it. He didn’t want to be named for running such website but had the guts to declare PTA’s action as unconstitutional and against freedom of speech.

16The purpose of launching such website was sex education, he asserted. Really? Sex education? Is this the reason you guys had this slogan: “Know us, don’t hate us”? No? How about this one: “You can’t curry love”? If PTA hadn’t banned this website, we would have been PhDs in sex education by now.

That’s not all though. There was a page on Facebook named “Beautiful Teenage Boys of Pakistan”. The administrator of that page used to upload pictures of teenagers – half naked – with this caption “Sunny, a 14 year old beautiful teenage boy, if someone likes to friendship with him, inbox us and we will give you all information about boy with his personal cell number”. These guys went up to the next level in terms of sex education. Don’t look for the page; it is long gone, reported by the orthodox masses.

There’s a Facebook page named “Pakistan Gay Rights Movement” run by some LGBT activists. The page not only promotes homosexuality but allows users to interact with each other and exchange contacts. It is like their online dating point.



There’s not just one or two but countless pages supporting homosexuality and even share explicit content.




Those who belong to the homosexual community in other regions of the probably have their reasons justifying their preference. But what’s the excuse for Pakistanis to offer?

We know that homosexuality isn’t legalized. We know that our families won’t support our relationships. We know that same sex marriage isn’t a ritual supported by our societal norms. What’s the reason behind the inclination of homosexuality trend in Pakistan then? It’s nothing but an alternative that psychologically ill minds seek. It has nothing to do with love but lust and absolutely unfulfilled sexual needs that people can’t control.

Rapidly enhancing growth of homosexuality in the rural community of Pakistan is caused by the lack of contact between opposite sexes. The fear of honor killing AKA Karo-Kari in Pakistan results into minimal interaction between the opposite sexes, especially in the villages. As a result, hormonal unevenness and uncontrollable urge for sex lead people to take interest in similar sexes probably leading with concerns like child molesting and abuse as the consequences.

In metro cities however homosexual proceedings are probably another alien trend that we adopted. Inspired from the trend of dating and events like prom nights, we had rebelled against our own societal values. And guess what? We won. But soon we realized that dating is just mainstream and conventional, isn’t it? And since most of us count ourselves as so-called wannabe “Burgers”, mainstream is not for us. Why not try something new.

The factors causing homosexuality to catch fire in Pakistan circle around the aforementioned grounds. But, for us, these rationales will always be hypotheses – presumptions that we will never explore; because, we live in a state-of-denial. And always will?

  1. tiffany267 says:

    People like you are the reason that Pakistan remains a third-world country.

    • In my blog, I have clearly stated that homosexuality isn’t confined to a particular locality or a specific belief – it is prohibited by the masses. And these masses represent people in first world, developing and third-world countries. So, your argument is invalid. Moreover, countries where homosexuality is a choice, it doesn’t bother me much; but, I strongly condemn homosexuality as an outcome of an ill mind. You live in a first world country perhaps. Tell me something. How would you react when you find different social media platforms where admins exchange contact details of 13, 14 and 15 year old boys to 30, 35 and even 40 year old visitors (or bidders I should say). If acceptance of this vulgarity is a prerequisite for a first world country and something that makes you proud then I feel sorry for you.
      P.S: If following you values and beliefs is something that makes you a third-word country then so be it.

      • tiffany267 says:

        LOL Religious people don’t have values, and their beliefs are not supported by facts.

      • I also mentioned in my blog that religion has nothing to do with this concern. It is prohibited on the basis of societal grounds mostly. Read the blog first – try to understand the issue discussed – and then argue about it or the facts prescribed as a rationale. LOLing around won’t substitute your lack of research or knowledge perhaps.

      • tiffany267 says:

        As has already been explained decades ago, there is no such thing as society. “Societal grounds” is a meaningless term which is only used by collectivists who reject reality.

        There are only individuals with individual values and who *drumroll* have individual sexualities. Regardless of the country where one lives, anyone who isn’t ready to accept this obvious human reality doesn’t deserve respect or consideration. The poverty in which they and their miserable culture suffer is what they get for being out of touch with nature and the facts of life.

      • There’s a significant different between an argument reflecting you point-of-view and an argument supported by research. Society or societal grounds are as old as humanity itself. Human interaction is something that incepted society and the beliefs we follow. Everyone has his/her individual values – this is the reason people rebel against society. However, this clash between individual and communal values won’t change or alter the fact that society does exist. People like you live in a state-of-denial or probably this behavior of yours is an outcome of an eternal solitude. In one point of your argument you promote individual values and in another blame others for being out of touch with nature and the facts of life. Rules of nature are significantly associated with the values and beliefs we (the society) follow. If you condemn societal values then why mention the rules of nature? And why would someone need consideration or demand respect from a confused mind? Get your facts straight lady and most importantly – get a life.

      • tiffany267 says:

        I do have my facts straight, and I have a happy, healthy, peaceful, productive, prosperous, and most importantly rational life.

        Societal values do not exist. The only values that exist are individual values. A society is not a real thing, and certainly imaginary things do not have minds, and things without minds cannot form values. Just so you know, having to explain this to you is quite painful. It’s like having to explain that black is not white.

        Rules of nature, on the other hand, very much exist. For instance, gravity is real, and no one can escape it. Water is comprised of molecules formed by the chemical bonding of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. And human beings are all sexually diverse with a number of different sexual orientations of which homosexuality is one perfectly normal and healthy one. These are scientific facts, or, as commonly referred to in philosophy, natural laws. They are not up for debate. Anyone in denial of these laws is in denial of reality. And I have no respect for people in denial of reality. It is precisely being in denial of facts which leaves your culture in the state it’s in, which is why I pointed out what I said originally.

        The tragedy is that I had to explain any of this to you. Any rational person would have connected the dots from the very first sentence given the nonsense that you spouted here on the internet. But sadly there are some people so irrational that an explanation is required.

        I recommend reading “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand. It’s a great start toward a more rational life.

      • Your one argument contradicts another. If human beings are all sexually diverse then how can homosexuality be normal. If homosexuality was normal or implied/supported by nature itself then there would have been no divergence or diversity in sexes. If nature promoted homosexuality, there would have been only one sex in the word either male or female – not both. Why don’t you refer some of facts you speak of?
        Don’t just brag about how good or fair or healthy homosexuality is – come up with a proof or a logical reason may be. As I said earlier, homosexuality is prohibited by masses including first and third world countries. So, my culture no matter how different it is from the others can’t suffer based on the fact that it contradicts homosexuality. Because, most of the cultures condemn it yet the people lead happy, healthy, peaceful, productive and prosperous life.
        You didn’t have to explain anything to me poor soul; know yourself first and then brag about society and its values. And this rationality you speak of, it is nothing but a denial and it won’t change anything. It’s like closing your eyes and believing that it’s the night during a sunny day. But a mind obsessed with the idea of self-love and selfishness won’t understand this. Being self-centered doesn’t make you a rational/realistic person.

  2. thycriticman says:

    While I am respectful towards homosexuality and believe one should have to write to fall in love with whoever they please, the website did a very bad job of promoting it by advertising 14 year old boys. It did deserve to be shut down, and cannot rightfully complain about it. I am against treating people unfairly for their sexual preference, but this is not an example of bad treatment. The website went about it the wrong way as you pointed out.

    • The website and pages prescribed in the post aren’t concerned about homosexuality or support it for that matter. The admins claim themselves to be the so-called activists spreading nothing but vulgarity in the name of homosexuality and may be earning money through these pages by sharing information about teenagers.

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