Gmail Down: A Glitch that Seems Like End of the World

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Digital Universe
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The world went nuts this Friday afternoon when all of a sudden Gmail went down. The massive outage disturbed millions across the globe; especially, the ones using Gmail for diverse purposes. This indeed was a huge distress as every service associated with it G+, Hangouts and Google app dashboard were inaccessible too.


gmail pic



For a time, it just vanished from the face of the earth. It was like someone pulled off the main switch leaving service to crash on web and mobile along with third party clients (Apple Mail). For some it was just like end of the world whereas others mocked the concern – scoffing reaction of those who gave a damn.


This surely had victimized many as people actually looked for alternatives to survive this mayhem.



Where millions grumbled over this chaotic incident – there were a few that affirmed that there was nothing wrong with the service – everything was as good as gold. Therefore, it can be presumed that Gmail wasn’t completely down. May be it was still accessible in some geographic regions or may be via some ISPs.


Ironically, the ones who could access the service also complained about it – perhaps there was a glitch or a spam targeting individuals (may be).



Regarding the massive shutdown – there has been no official statement furnished from Google’s end so far except for the app dashboard. The seriousness of this event or what caused it can only be hypothesized for now unless the officials speak about the outage, the root cause or about the ones who were affected form it.

In general, the chaos alarmed the digital universe. There were divergent reactions. Some were like – come-on it isn’t the end of the world and the others thought – HOLY SHIT, SKYNET ATTACKED. Some thought of Zombie Apocalypse and other gave Zero Crap about it.




In 2009, Gmail faced massive shutdown as the service faced disruptions for days. This one however lasted a few hours only. Yes! The service has been restored now and those who can’t access it still – be patient – this will all end soon.


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