Fighting Diabetes? Fight it Like Google Does – In Style

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Technology

Diabetes is a severe disease that has victimized countless poor souls in this world. Diabetes accompanies several dreadful outcomes – strict diet control is one of them. That’s right – say goodbye to all the junk food, drinks and chocolates. Diabetics are often reluctant to adopt stern diet plans prescribed by doctors and nutritionists. I don’t blame them. If I don’t get to eat junk food at least twice a week – I will riot.

Where the world’s sophisticated healthcare systems and leading pharmaceuticals were confined by the orthodox methods, Google arrived in style. Yes! Google strikes again with a Smart Contact Lens that can help you fight persistent concerns associated with diabetes. Google announced the news via its official blog along with the picture of the prototype device.


Designed to measure glucose level in tears via its minute glucose sensor and a wireless chip in two layers of soft contact lens, Google’s Smart Contact Lens is currently under the testing phase. The prototype is tested to record glucose level analysis per second. As per Google officials, the LED light embedded in the lens will activate when glucose level rise or drop the predetermined level or threshold set.


Multiple researches and experiments have been conducted on the device to offer a refined prototype that facilitates a smart way to fight diabetes. Google is currently in discussion with the FDA along with other experts to launch this technology as a product that can be used by people. So, I guess when International Diabetes Federation declared that the world is losing the battle against diabetes – Google said the fight isn’t over yet.

  1. A medical gadget like Google contact lens is a great idea. But I think a diabetic will be under no control of his free will when it comes to food. Do as I say, or your sugar will get worse, the lens wearer is likely to receive such daunting, ofen and with pain !
    Nice research btw.

    • A diet plan is inevitable – no matter which device you use – I agree with you on that one. However, pain is out of the equation here. However, it will be a bit flexible after using this device – I believe. A diabetic knows about his condition and also about the glucose level in his blood that can worsen it. He can set a threshold (an upper and lower limit) for notifications. In fact, he can set a flexible threshold if he ain’t that much diet conscious. Currently most diabetics use tests strips for measuring their blood glucose level. I think pinching yourself with a tiny needle every time for checking glucose level in blood is a painful process. Thank you so much for your response though – and for your valuable feedback.

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