Project Tango – Curtain Raiser

The future is really awesome as Google announces Project Tango. Wondering what it is about? Let me tell you. Project Tango is about launching an Android-supported Smartphone with powerful motion detectors and extraordinary 3D sensors. Yes! You read it correct, it is 3D sensors.

Smartphone with 3D Sensor

Team Google has been working with tech-experts, research labs, universities and industrial partners to make this dream come true. Through Project Tango, Google is trying to harvest approximately 10 years of research in Robotics and computer vision. ATAP – Advanced Technology and Projects group at Google is using all this research to silhouette a unique Smartphone – to be witnessed in near future.

Google Prototype SpecsJohnny Chung Lee, Project Lead at ATAP says: “We are physical being that live in a 3D world; yet, mobile devices today assume that the physical world end at the boundaries of the screen”. Thus, the goal of Project Tango is twofold: develop a Smartphone with human-scale understanding of space along with motion. Hence, in near future, we might be able to use a Smartphone that is Smart indeed.

This technology – this device will easily outrun any of the leading Smartphone products trading in the market today. A Smartphone with 3D sensors so powerful that takes ¼ of a million measurements per second updating the position and rotation of the phone – sounds too good to be true; but, for Google, impossible is the word that doesn’t exist.

Google Tango2

A Device with Endless Possibilities

Google is assessing the possibilities of applications that can comply to the standard of the Smartphone. A revolutionary device like this sure needs innovative applications. Currently, Google envisages indoor navigation and gaming applications for the sensors; but, we can’t imagine the possibilities associated with such innovative device.

With this device, the world will become your playground. You can generate a map – or a game-world of your own by simply scanning the fraction of your physical environment such as your living room. It won’t be just a device – it will allow you to interact with your environment in a radical style.

Google Tango33Project Tango is still in developmental phase. Nevertheless, Google aims to ship 200 prototypes by March, 2014 to authorized developers. Yes! The prototypes are ready. However, it may take Google months or even years to distribute the product to the end-users; because, we haven’t embraced such technology – and pioneering something is a hell of a job.

Google Tango1

Conclusion – More Like a New Beginning

After developers’ job is done, Google will dispatch the furnished prototypes to affiliate companies for navigation, data processing, mapping and gaming applications as well. I can’t wait for this dream to come true; because, with this device, the possibilities are endless. I totally agree with Johnny Lee on this one: “The future is AWESOME”.


Homosexuality, a sin for the masses have become lifestyle for a few in our society. Despite of the legalization and acceptance of homosexuality by different countries around the globe, it is still bizarre and intolerable by many states. Hence, an embargo acknowledged by the gay community cannot be confined to a particular belief or set of values followed by the natives of a specific locality.

Nonetheless, Pakistan is one of the countries where homosexuality is one of the highly rated taboos. Despite of all the restrictions imposed and the fear of defamation, acceptance of homosexuality in Pakistan is increasing drastically. The trend has not only engulfed metro cities but also the rural community and townships since decades. This story doesn’t embrace a male-male encounter only; it has a female-female version too.


Before proceeding any further, I would first like to clarify something – I neither favor nor condemn homosexuality. However, homosexuality, as per the values we ought to follow is like an affliction that weakens our societal grounds or is it our shallow and so-called modern societal values that somehow let this all happen. This mystery is still unresolved.

Offended by the rejection and prohibition of homosexuals in Pakistan, a few so-called activists launched Pakistan’s first website for homosexual community. The website was later banned by PTA. But, I salute the audacity of website’s admin with my middle finger.

We can sue PTA but the trial would be too public, said Queer Pakistan’s admin. We didn’t receive any notice that our website contains sexually explicit or offensive content, he continued. You won’t find any name here because he didn’t disclose it. He didn’t want to be named for running such website but had the guts to declare PTA’s action as unconstitutional and against freedom of speech.

16The purpose of launching such website was sex education, he asserted. Really? Sex education? Is this the reason you guys had this slogan: “Know us, don’t hate us”? No? How about this one: “You can’t curry love”? If PTA hadn’t banned this website, we would have been PhDs in sex education by now.

That’s not all though. There was a page on Facebook named “Beautiful Teenage Boys of Pakistan”. The administrator of that page used to upload pictures of teenagers – half naked – with this caption “Sunny, a 14 year old beautiful teenage boy, if someone likes to friendship with him, inbox us and we will give you all information about boy with his personal cell number”. These guys went up to the next level in terms of sex education. Don’t look for the page; it is long gone, reported by the orthodox masses.

There’s a Facebook page named “Pakistan Gay Rights Movement” run by some LGBT activists. The page not only promotes homosexuality but allows users to interact with each other and exchange contacts. It is like their online dating point.



There’s not just one or two but countless pages supporting homosexuality and even share explicit content.




Those who belong to the homosexual community in other regions of the probably have their reasons justifying their preference. But what’s the excuse for Pakistanis to offer?

We know that homosexuality isn’t legalized. We know that our families won’t support our relationships. We know that same sex marriage isn’t a ritual supported by our societal norms. What’s the reason behind the inclination of homosexuality trend in Pakistan then? It’s nothing but an alternative that psychologically ill minds seek. It has nothing to do with love but lust and absolutely unfulfilled sexual needs that people can’t control.

Rapidly enhancing growth of homosexuality in the rural community of Pakistan is caused by the lack of contact between opposite sexes. The fear of honor killing AKA Karo-Kari in Pakistan results into minimal interaction between the opposite sexes, especially in the villages. As a result, hormonal unevenness and uncontrollable urge for sex lead people to take interest in similar sexes probably leading with concerns like child molesting and abuse as the consequences.

In metro cities however homosexual proceedings are probably another alien trend that we adopted. Inspired from the trend of dating and events like prom nights, we had rebelled against our own societal values. And guess what? We won. But soon we realized that dating is just mainstream and conventional, isn’t it? And since most of us count ourselves as so-called wannabe “Burgers”, mainstream is not for us. Why not try something new.

The factors causing homosexuality to catch fire in Pakistan circle around the aforementioned grounds. But, for us, these rationales will always be hypotheses – presumptions that we will never explore; because, we live in a state-of-denial. And always will?

Introducing the Idjit

Snapchat, one of the most frequently preferred yet controversial interaction and socialization platform these days encounters yet another security threat. Snapchat’s signups acknowledged a boost lately as many teenagers especially from the US started to switch from social networks such as Facebook to Snapchat. Click Here for more details about this trend.

Snapchat Security Alert


This was a considerable milestone – a great achievement for Snapchat. However, the glee of this accomplishment diminished as Snapchat was notified about a new security exploit that could be manipulated by the hackers like the preceding incident.


Blast from the Past

For those of you who don’t know; Snapchat was hacked in the month of January 2014. The hackers stole username details along with numbers of around 4.6 million users and leaked the data publically over the Internet. The details were downloadable via “” which no longer exists by the way.


It was reported that Gibson Security researchers had already informed Snapchat about their “Find Friend” exploit and how it could be manipulated by hackers. Snapchat’s ignorance led the leading social platform to concede a massive data leak where privacy of 4.6 million users was compromised.

Snapchat Vulnerable

New Exploit Discovered

This time, it is much more complicated and crucial than the previous exploit. This time, Snapchat might have to face catastrophic outcomes if their evasion continues to last. Jamie Sanchez, a Security Researcher has found that Snapchat encompasses a security loophole – a weakness that greets DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack. If occurred, it would be an attack executed through an intermediary which will be Snapchat.


The Damage It Can Cause

Through this security exploit, a hacker can flood user’s inbox with repetitive messages causing the device to overload. As a result, the device (especially iPhone) will crash and may require user to hit the reset button. The attack will have considerable impact over Android devices as well. The attack may not require you to reset the device; but, it will slow down its performance to a considerable extent.



Snapchat unlike the previous approach adopted has reacted promptly to this threat. As per the Snapchat’s official statement, the security researchers are examining the exploit and the concern will soon be resolved. The damage caused by this exploit over Snapchat’s brand reputation is still a quesiton.


Users who are concerned about their privacy might not prefer Snapchat over other social platforms anymore. Nevertheless, the world is filled with naïve Netizens who might prefer the earlier approach adopted by Snapchat itself – ignorance.

It all started on Facebook’s 10th anniversary. Millions of users went insane after seeing Facebook movie of Netizens added in their social circle. Each Facebook movie prescribed a link – instructing users to access the link if they want to see their Facebook movie. And millions of naïve users eventually clicked on the link in order to get their hands on their very own Facebook movie.


The movie initiated from the second they joined Facebook and embraced every moment till that very moment the link was clicked. This is not all. After seeing their ridiculous Facebook movie, millions shared their private moments online.


People falling in the same genre (Stupid) watched, liked and even shared movies of people in their social circle. Hence, your private moments were shared with not only your friends; but their friends; and their friends; and their friends or may be shared publically by some idiots who don’t know how to access/change their Facebook privacy settings.

That’s not all. Millions of people even Tweeted their Facebook movies and uploaded them on YouTube. Like flooding Facebook’s timeline wasn’t enough for them. Some of them even promoted their private moments via #hashtags.


Soon, Facebook’s timeline flooded with movies shared by almost everyone in everyone’s social circle – it was like a plague that spread faster than any Virus followed by Zombie apocalypse.


Where many enjoyed this ludicrous act, some intellectuals condemned it. These were the people that use Facebook the way it should be used – to interact and socialize not to flood others’ wall with silly Facebook movies.


It was an activity when millions shared a movie showing that 107 people (who probably added you because you wear revealing outfits or you’re just cute) liked your status when you put this on your wall “At3 Ic3 Cr3aM T0dAy”. Furthermore, no one gives a damn to your stupid “Duck Face Selfie” liked by your idiotic friends – who probably are more stupid than you are.


I have one question to ask you now. Did you even bother to think for a single minute about your privacy? Are you even familiar with this term? P R I V A C Y (spelled as prescribed) as per Snowden’s revelation is victimized repeatedly by the vigilant agencies along with their alleged allies (multinational, telecom and tech giants); privacy that our generations probably won’t be acquainted with; privacy that will soon be eradicated from the face of digital universe and will be remembered as nothing but a myth.

Who am I kidding? You probably don’t even know who Snowden is? Go back to your restroom selfie photo session. A little heads-up here – people take a leak or shit in restroom – this is the sole reason for which they were made.

I would like to appreciate Facebook though for this phenomenal promotional strategy. I mean the moment they realized that they are being dumped by teenagers. The moment they found that teens have started to switch from Facebook to Snapchat and other alternates (Click here to know more); because, for them Facebook isn’t cool anymore – BANG! They came from nowhere with this campaign which created an effective brand recall. It was like:

Facebook Movie Everywhere

The purpose of this post was to give you a wakeup call or perhaps to poke you and say: be cautious of what you do online. Protect yourself and your activities. Your privacy is already vulnerable to divergent threats; there are many trying to sneak into it – don’t make it too easy for them. I will be glad if this post brought some sense to you. If not then you probably don’t give a damn to your privacy so stop flooding other people’s walls with your silly Facebook movies – that’s the least you can do.

Update: Glimpse to Character Persona, Meet-ups and Dialogues

The story starts with strange abductions plaguing Gotham City. The media as usual jumps to the conclusions without a delay – blaming The Dark Knight (Mysterious Batman) for the abduction. People think of Batman as a blood sucking vampire at this point of the story. No matter how strange it sounds; but, it was an easily ingestible accusation because Vampire Batman did exist in Batman & Dracula: Red Rain comic created by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones.

Anyway, the first character to make his appearance in the movie was Green Lanter (Hal Jordan) supposedly chasing a Parademon with an abducted victim. Hal Jordan saves the girl but that ungrateful bi*ch shows no gratitude and whacks poor GL with this comment: “What’s the catch? What’s it gonna cost me”? Green Lantern continues his pursuit and is ambushed from behind. Moments before GL is going to get his ass kicked by the Parademon, Batman saves his butt from the demon.


Green Lantern Meets Batman

Green Lantern: Batman! You’re real?

Batman: Turn it off.

Green Lantern: I had him.

Batman: Clearly. Now turnoff the damn light off before they see us.

Green Lantern: Before who sees us?

Gotham PD Official: Put your hands in the air.

Green Lantern: They don’t like us much (with his hands in the air).

Batman: The world is afraid of us.

Green Lantern: You say it like it’s a good thing.

Batman: It’s necessary.


Meanwhile, the parademon attacks, and the chase continues – the duo (Batman and Green Lantern) follows demon into the sewers where he sacrifices himself to protect some sort of alien computer.


Batman: It’s more like an alien computer.

Green Lantern: Alien? Like the guy in Metropolis.

Batman: Superman.

Green Lantern: You’ve met him?

Batman: No. But I’ve researched him. His power levels are…

Green Lantern: Not gonna be a problem for me.

Batman: We’ll see

GL meets Batman

Batman with GL Ring

In the meantime, people of Washington DC are protesting against Wonder Woman – accusing her for the property damage. Wonder Woman with her gallantly silences everyone in the protest and proceeds to meet the president of the United States.

In Metropolis, Victor Stone is upset about his father not showing up to his football match. He is on his way to meet him in laboratory where he is analyzing an alien computer. Batman and Green Lantern are chasing Superman’s signal – who is engaged in a fight with parademon on Lexcorp property. Destroying your archenemy’s property in the name of justice is hell of a nice move Superman.


Batman and Green Lantern Meet Superman

After watching Justice League: War your perception of Superman as a boy-scout will surely change. Superman in this movie is an ultimate badass. Superman in Justice League: War won’t hold back or hesitate to through a punch at anyone who engages in a battle with him. Justice League: War presents a new personality of Superman who unlike his previous personas is cocky, cynical and has never back-down attitude.

Being ignorant of Superman’s true potential, Green Lantern traps Batman in a shield – eager to have a few rounds with Supsy and in return gets his ass kicked.

superman GL Batman

Green Lantern to Batman: Wait here. No offense. You just get in the way. Here’s the plan. Green Lantern kicks Superman’s ass TMZ gets the video.

Bang. Bang. Bang… Aoo OoO Aoo Aoo Aaaaaahhhhh! There goes our Green Lantern – breaking through his own shield.

Superman to Batman: So, what can you do?

supsy and batsy

Batman doesn’t say anything but throws a smoke grenade and flees – trying to avoid Superman’s vicious attacks.

Batsy and Superman1

Superman: I can still see you. The creature that attacked me had one of those boxes you have – a friend of yours I assume. He blew up so I’ll ask you. What are these boxes for? Talk – while you still can.


Batman grunts: Aahhhhh… Trying….. to.

Green Lantern Interferes: Round 2 fly boy.

Batman: Lantern… NO.

Superman trapped in Lantern’s Chains: Chains? You’re funny – breaks through the chains.

Batman: We won’t stop him – he’s pissed-off. We have to talk to him.

Green Lantern: Sarcastically – talk to him?


Well, Batman was right. Superman was pissed. As soon as Green Lantern generates a shield covering himself and Batman, Superman strikes with a massive blow which reminds me of his Kryptonian Crush Super-Attack from “Injustice: gods among us”.


Green Lantern: This guy is gonna kill us.

Batman: No he won’t.

Batman talks to Superman: You bruise but you don’t kill. Do you? Clark.

Superman holds his punch: You’ve made your point – X -ray visions Batman – Huh! Bruce Wayne.

Green Lantern: Who the hell is Bruce Wayne?

Batman: We think its alien (referring to the box in hand).

Superman: Well, it’s not Kryptonian.

Batman: Worth a shot.

Green Lantern: Are we done fighting?

Superman: Alien is relative by the way. It’s a big universe.


Cyborg Origins

Victor Stone confronts his father in the lab asking about his unavailability from his match. His father being a complete asshole says:


Dr. Stone: Open your eyes son. Look at the world we live in today. We are witnessing the birth of a new race of superhuman – beings who can fly, tear through buildings and outrun race cars. They will make what you can do obsolete. In that world, throwing a football is a joke.


Meanwhile, the alien boxes activate themselves and eventually blow – opening portals to let thousands of Parademons from Apokolips enter the world. A full scale invasion as hypothesized by Batman. One of those boxes blows while Victor was holding it in his hand – costing Victor half of his body; however, his vital are still responding somehow. With deep remorse, Dr. Stone conducts an experiment on his son as a last resort to save him – transforming his son into a Cyborg and making his brain work like a quantum computer.

Cyborg origins

Wonder Woman Meets Superman

When the parademons attack President’s flight, Wonder Woman comes to rescue. Superman however saves the day when he catches the airplane as soon as an engine blows up. Wonder Woman seeing a man as strong as she is or probably more is infatuated with Superman – the feeling is mutual though.


Wonder Woman: My god.

Superman: You’re strong.

Wonder Woman: I know.

superman meet wonderwoman

Flash Meets Green Lantern and Batman

The battle continues as Batman and Green Lantern take on the parademons with all that’s left in them. Flash makes an appearance and saves Green Lantern from an ambush.

Green Lantern: Flash! My boy! Great to see you – and yeah! That’s Batman.

Flash: Batman is real?

Green Lantern: Yeah! He’s over there.

Flash: Wait! What?

Flash to Batman: It is a real honor to meet you sir Batman, sir Bat..Batman, sir. Uhmm

Batman: I followed your efforts in Central City Flash. You do efficient work.

Green Lantern: Hey, Barry. You got something on your nose.

Batman: Get ready! Here they come.

Flash Meets Batman

I don’t know if any of you noticed it; but, for a moment I thought Flash and GL exchanged their persona. It was the Flash who was always called immature by the League Members due to his witty attitude. But I could say otherwise after seeing this meet up – or he was just shocked and excited to meet the Dark Knight.


Cyborg and Shazam Meets the Rest of JL Members

While the parademons were assembling to welcome Darkseid, Cyborg and Shazam met rest of the members of Justice League.


Green Lantern: Who the hell are you supposed to be – Mr. Robotto?

Cyborg: Who I am – doesn’t matter. What I know – does.

Batman: Which is?

Cyborg: I have talked to their technology. I know their plan – they are terraforming the earth. It’s about to get ugly.

Batman: That fits.

Green Lantern: How do you figure?

Batman: The water is on fire.

Shazam meet JL

So, the invasion begins. The parademons are abducting hundreds of humans in order to harvesting process. A process where Darkseid through his technology can harvest, repurpose and transform any living form to create an army of parademons. The earth is terraforming and our heroes engage in battle with Darkseid to prevent what’s going to happen.




Justice League: War officially released on 4th February 2014 though it was much awaited movie for all comic fans out there. Justice League: War represents DC Universe’s ‘New 52’ reboot acknowledged in 2011 by all comic fans. Unlike Marvel, DC Universe likes to adopt change more frequently and experiments with its characters every now and then – sometimes in name of an alternate universe but mostly via a reboot. New 52 reboot introduced diverse alterations with respect to DC characters: superhero mythology, costumes and even their origins.

JL War Main

Justice League: War provides glimpse to the origin of Justice League – witnessed plenty of times before with different stories to support the initiation. The founding members of Justice League as per Justice League: War plot are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Shazam (A replacement for Aquaman) – united to protect earth from an alien invasion led by Darkseid (Lord of Apokolips).

Darkseid and Para

The Review and Critique

Justice League: War is directed by Jay Oliva – a well-known personality responsible for the masterpieces like Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Batman: Under the Red Hood and The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2 to entertain all DC animated universe fans out there.

Jay Oliva is renowned for his alterations to plots and sometimes to characters; but, this time he takes the trend to the whole new level. Justice League: War follows New 52 continuity but in Jay Oliva’s style. Despite of the wide acceptance of Justice League: Origins as per New-52 concept, Oliva had to add a little spice of his own.

GL New-52 characters

Replacing Aquaman with Shazam was a huge risk to take. In fact, Aquaman followers would censure this move; but, after watching after-credits scene – you would be astonished. Justice League: War concept might be hard to ingest for those who have accepted and loved New-52 Justice League: Origin story; although, with Oliva on the controls, not many can resist watching this movie. I missed Martian Manhunter though =(

Justice League: War is a perfect blend of action and storytelling with all pieces perfectly put to their place. Besides the assembly of our beloved super heroes, the story also introduced the origins of Cyborg and Shazam. Other characters were deprived from this privilege though. But, let’s face it – who doesn’t know about the origins of Superman, Batman, GL or Flash.

Sup Bat GL

Nevertheless, Oliva offered a glimpse to contemporary persona of Superman. Say goodbye to the boy-scout and welcome to a cocky, eccentric sarcastic and witty badass – an all-power Kryptonian who will never concede defeat; or hesitate throw a powerful punch; or refrain from using his heat-vision against a challenger who wishes to go a few rounds against the Man of Steel.

Super Bat

The movie is outstandingly directed and visuals are outstanding if you ask me. The characters are smartly designed and perfectly reflect New-52 visuals introduced by Jim Lee – with slight alterations though. Darkseid was drawn as a gigantic creature; however, I was quite disappointed with the impact of Omega Beams.


Superman’s body structure is considerably strong (height and body-type) as compared to other characters – perhaps to reflect his strength. You can see this difference clearly when Green Lantern and Batman first meet Superman; also when Green Lantern tries to hit on Wonder Woman and interfered by Superman.


Wonder Woman’s persona has two sides: a never-back-down combatant and an innocent or naïve girl who probably hasn’t eaten ice cream before.


Green Lantern is over-confident about his powers which almost gets him killed by Darkseid who seems to be immune from GL’s assault and breaks his army with a slight twist.


One thing I can’t understand though. Why does the Flash get side-lined in every JL movie except for Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox? Moving on.

GL and Flash

The movie is well scripted and maintains the equilibrium with respect to pace of the story and character origins/meet-up. However, many have criticized the appearance of Lord Darkseid – saying that one of the most sophisticated and badass villain of all time was poorly presented and effortlessly defeated by the Justice League.

Flash Darkseid

Wonder Darkseid

Aquaman was replaced with Shazam, and I must say I really missed King of the Seas; however, after seeing after-credits scene – I was like HELL YEAH. However, I presume that amendment in characters’ personas would be hard to swallow for some fans; especially, the major alternations to Superman’s attitude – form a boy-scout to a cocky badass and Wonder Woman – from a prudent fighter to… well, a fighter but a reckless one.

Another huge alternation in character persona refers to the Dark Knight. Batman doesn’t seek help. He doesn’t rely on anyone except for himself. He doesn’t back-down and most importantly he doesn’t SMILE that often. Anyway, I must say I kind of liked this soft-hearted Batsy – tough yet sensitive.


As far as the casting goes:

  • Jason O’Mara voices Batman
  • Alan Tudyk voices Superman
  • Michelle Monaghan voices Wonder Woman
  • Justin Kirk voices Green Lantern
  • Christopher Gorham voices Flash
  • Shemar Moore voices Cyborg/Victor Stone
  • Sean Astin voices Shazam
  • Steve Blum voices Darkseid


Despite of all New-52 reboot thingy and a few additional alterations, the movie is worth watching. The movie totally rocked except for a few loopholes: Flash was sidelined in the entire movie except for the final battle with Darkseid, and Superman was side-lined in the final battle except for his final blow to send Darkseid back to Apokolips via a portal.

Super Last Blow

Darkseid was a disappointment too – his first assault to the League was furious and intimidating but eventually he’s pummeled by the League even with their ridiculous strategy.

Flash and Darkseid

Those who are already aware of New-52 reboot may easily gulp down the alterations but the movie has got a massive surprise for those who still follow the old school superhero mythology. This review rates Justice League: War on a sweet 4 out of 5 stars.

Viewers’ Feedback


There have been several conspiracies accompanying two most vigilant agencies we have ever witnessed – the NSA and GCHQ. This however wasn’t an end of their conspiracy streak. The vigilant agencies strike again – this time with yet another bizarre scheme and unbelievably absurd plot. The NSA and GCHQ have been supposedly targeting renowned applications such as Angry Birds as a source of user data.


The Conspiracy

The notorious agencies originating from the US and UK take undue credit on commercial data. Furthermore, they are determined to collect user data such as location, age, sex and other basic details from permeable applications including Angry Birds – which is perhaps the most playable game for every age group we know of.

The agencies are all set to infiltrate our privacy – or may be it already has as they have all the tools to execute their wicked schemes. Angry Birds along with other Smartphone applications that send out user information over the Internet are termed “LEAKY”. These applications are the primarily targeted by the NSA and GCHQ.

Snowden Revelations Recalled

According to Snowden revelations, Apple has been making the backdoor for the NSA. With this allegation, it now becomes crystal clear that the vigilant agencies have gone mobile. Along with Angry Birds, there are many applications that leak our personal data. In fact, we often share our scores on online scoreboards and compete with so-called online friends.

Except your social circle, are you sure that the person you are competing with isn’t a spy. As per an earlier witnessed buzz, NSA deployed its agents on different servers of leading and frequently played MMORPG such as Dota2 and World of Warcraft. With MMORPGs already victimized, Smartphone games and applications become the new target.



Now the naïve among you might ignore this allegation. In fact, I am not sure if you give a damn to your personal information being leaked all over the Internet. However, intellectuals will understand the gravity of this concern and the tech-savvy community will surely condemn this.

There have been tons of documents delivered to The Guardian by Edward Snowden AKA The Whistleblower or Traitor to some of you. As per Snowden revelations, the NSA and GCHQ have been engaged in collecting massive amount of mobile and Meta Data.

Supposed Involvement of Millennial Media

By targeting the gaming community, they have just gone extreme – first MMORPGs and now Smartphone application. I mean come-on spare our leisure activities at least. I don’t think a terrorist would prefer to play Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Subway Surfers in his free time.

Judging from the information we give-away while using these leaky apps, the vigilant agencies can access information about our location, age, sex, gender, country, marital status and zip code etc. However, the NSA states that its actions are justified as they serve the interest of national and global security and their surveillance targets only intelligence targets not innocent people. Another claim targeted Millennial Media to be allegedly working with the NSA and GCHQ.

Millennial Media is a mobile ad platform which can offer access to massive user information – if the rumor is true. Millennial Media website declared that the platform has partnered with Zynga (a brand that launched Farmville and Texas HoldEm Poker), Rovio (maker of Angry Birds) and Activision (developer of Call of Duty) and many more.





Rovio (maker of Angry Birds) clearly declined the allegations saying that it has no allegiance with the NSA. Furthermore, Rovio also stated that the company has no idea about any user information leaked or slipped to the NSA or GCHQ for that matter. In addition, Rovio isn’t aware of the data leakage via any third party mobile ad platform, says Saara Bergström – Rovio’s VP (Marketing and Communications).

Millennial Media, a mobile ad platform alleged to be responsible for the data leak had nothing to say in this regard. Hence, I leave the conclusions to all the open minds out there – to hypothesize the ending – and to explore the reliability behind the rumors associated with this conspiracy.

The world went nuts this Friday afternoon when all of a sudden Gmail went down. The massive outage disturbed millions across the globe; especially, the ones using Gmail for diverse purposes. This indeed was a huge distress as every service associated with it G+, Hangouts and Google app dashboard were inaccessible too.


gmail pic



For a time, it just vanished from the face of the earth. It was like someone pulled off the main switch leaving service to crash on web and mobile along with third party clients (Apple Mail). For some it was just like end of the world whereas others mocked the concern – scoffing reaction of those who gave a damn.


This surely had victimized many as people actually looked for alternatives to survive this mayhem.



Where millions grumbled over this chaotic incident – there were a few that affirmed that there was nothing wrong with the service – everything was as good as gold. Therefore, it can be presumed that Gmail wasn’t completely down. May be it was still accessible in some geographic regions or may be via some ISPs.


Ironically, the ones who could access the service also complained about it – perhaps there was a glitch or a spam targeting individuals (may be).



Regarding the massive shutdown – there has been no official statement furnished from Google’s end so far except for the app dashboard. The seriousness of this event or what caused it can only be hypothesized for now unless the officials speak about the outage, the root cause or about the ones who were affected form it.

In general, the chaos alarmed the digital universe. There were divergent reactions. Some were like – come-on it isn’t the end of the world and the others thought – HOLY SHIT, SKYNET ATTACKED. Some thought of Zombie Apocalypse and other gave Zero Crap about it.




In 2009, Gmail faced massive shutdown as the service faced disruptions for days. This one however lasted a few hours only. Yes! The service has been restored now and those who can’t access it still – be patient – this will all end soon.

Tip # 5 – You Can Avoid Drilling Mess by Using a “Post-It”

Remember the time when you made the mess of your room just because you needed a tiny hole on the wall. No matter how much perfect we renovate or rooms; but, there’s always a need for a few holes. We may use them to hang paintings, photo frames, wall clocks and what not. Anyways, this isn’t an issue here – the issue is that we often make a mess of all the cleanliness. You can save yourself from this mess by simply using a Post-It.


Tip # 4 – Transform your Snack Pack in your Snack Bowl

Snack packs have an amazing art of trolling. When you drool for them the most, they play hard-to-get. While watching the most interesting scene of the movie, snack packs divert your attention slide here and there unless you grab them in your. Sneaky little busters are quite attention seekers. Well you can transform your snack pack in a disposable snack bowl via open and roll trick.


Tip # 3 Toilet Paper Tubes Can be Best Cable Organizers

Hmmmm 10, 20, 30…………….forget it. I have tripped and fell due to unorganized cables scattered around my room for like countless times. I know you know the feels. Who says toilet papers can be used only to wipe that arse of yours. A toilet paper tube serves as best cable organizer. And the best part is – it doesn’t cost you a thing; because, you all have one – don’t you?


Tip # 2 – Save Closet Space with Soda Can Tabs

It is quite a simple trick – just detach tabs from soda cans and use one gap to attach them with hook of a hanger. Second end serves as an add-on to each hanger you have in your closet.

Can cap

Tip # 1 – You Can Use Binding Clips to Hold Cable Nodes

And the winner is – a binding clip. There are many things you can do with this priceless thingy. You can use binding clips to hold your cables (any sort of them).

Binder clip


The most irritating thing I used to acknowledge was whenever I detached my iPhone from its charger, the cable would fall down and I am like:


The cable will soon wear-out if you leave it there – at mercy of many ruthless feet that won’t hesitate to step on the poor thing. Well not anymore. I have a remedy for it and now all of you know about it too. ENJOY.

Everyone has a unique way of welcoming the New Year. Some just celebrate the occasion to blow up their steam whereas others seem determined about their futuristic goals – hence form resolutions to facilitate their accomplishments.

Hackers on the other hand are accompanied with absolutely bizarre plans to welcome the New Year. There were many hacks acknowledged by the Netizens at the start of this year. I however will talk about only two of them; because, both the incidents I would have one thing in common – the person culpable.

The first victim of this digital predator was Neiman Marcus. Neiman Marcus on 1st of January affirmed the possibility of a hack – possibly victimizing confidentiality of the customers as their credit card information was accessed. Neiman Marcus stated that they were informed by one of the victimized customers during mid of December whose bank statement revealed an unauthorized activity processed via credit card.

We would take all necessary steps to improve our security discrepancies and take every measure possible to track down whoever is responsible, they said. However, Neiman Marcus could not prescribe the source behind the security breach or identify the security loopholes.

Second victim to be highlighted here is Target. Earlier this year, Target encountered a major hack where the debit/credit card information of 40-70 million US customers (some say 110 million) was stolen by a mastermind. The hacker accessed the information of credit/debit card holder that came to shop at Target from November 27th to December 15th.

The information accessed comprises card holder’s names, CVV numbers, card numbers and expiry date of the cards. The authorities along with other concerned personnel couldn’t do anything but to hypothesize the person(s) responsible or the method through which the Target’s security was breached. Meanwhile, the customer had to suffer the consequences as phony cards fabricated on the basis of all accessed information were available in the black market – traded for around $200 per card.

The bizarre phenomenon to be highlighted here is – the day Neiman Marcus affirmed the hack was the same day Target announced victimization of its 40 million customers. Anyways, the wait is finally over. It is time for the curtain raiser. It has been confirmed by a security firm that the mastermind behind the hacks acknowledged by Neiman Marcus and Target is a teenager from Russia.

Yes! A Russian teenager designed a malware that was used to hack both Neiman Marcus and Target. A security firm named IntelCrawler affirmed that the security breach encountered by Neiman Marcus and Target was a malware that infiltrated their security systems. IntelCrawler also said that the malware is known as BlackPOS – and its author is a 17-year-old Russian teenager. However, execution of the plan is a mystery yet to be unveiled.

Teens around the globe currently seek replacement as Facebook is simply not cool for them anymore. The word has started to spread that millions of teens are losing interest in Facebook and rapidly switching to alternate social networks. With the rise of Smart technology, teens perhaps are looking for more convenient options or simply the cooler ones such as Snapchat and Instagram.

fb stats

As per the report of iStrategyLabs, teens around the globe started dumping Facebook since 2011. Furthermore, the trend seems to thrive with time. Since 2011, approximately 3 million teens (in the United States only) have deactivated their accounts leaving Facebook with 25% fewer users. Facebook hasn’t officially affirmed the statistics though.

Teen facebook stats

There may be diverse reasons supporting the rationale for these awful statistics. Some say that teens today are fascinated by the ease of use – others articulate that teens engage in this toggle-run because Facebook have become old school. On the contrary, I believe that there’s more to it than it meets the eye. There’s a reason that nobody bothers to highlight – annoying parents and relatives.

One of the significant reasons for teenagers to quit Facebook is enhanced popularity of the social network among elders. Parents add their children on Facebook (As Friends) and then tag them in annoying pictures (publically shared off course). However, this does not end here as parents’ ridiculous comments on status updates, pictures and shared memes often infuriate the teens.

Anyways, teens are hastily switching from Facebook to other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr etc; furthermore, its reputation has become shallow among youngsters as well. In time, more users are expected to switch from Facebook to other social networks. Despite of implausible fame acknowledged once, Facebook seems to have nothing in its pocket to cope with this mayhem.